Product of a Broken Home
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2002-05-02 01:53:00 (UTC)

sigh i really have nothing to..


i really have nothing to write. everything seems to be
going well today. and for the last few days, except last
night, when i was ill and slept from 2 in the afternoon til
about 7 the next morning.

i'm beginning t feel bored again, listless...nothing's
happening right now.

i wish i was old enough to drown myself in the club scene,
to lose myself to endless nights of dance and drink.

to lead a tragicly stylish life.

of course, that won't happen. i'll accept that. but still,
theres that caving for it. the need to drown myself in
something that isn't really me, or any part of myself.

maybe i should just get a hobby.


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