I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-05-02 01:29:27 (UTC)

My sister got a kitten

who is very cute. He's kind muted orange and white, and so
sweet. His purring motor is working very well, in case you
were wondering. :) I know, it's been a few days. I'm on
vacation. I'm just chilling at the moment. Got new
curtains for my room. Took my bro and 4 other 14 year olds
to youth group this evening, and I swear, I am now dumber
for having had listened to them. I know, 14 is an akward
age, and 8th grade is tough, but was I really that
obnoxious at that age? Dear Lord, I hope not.

I decided to partake of a very large adult beverage this
evening (and why not? I'm 22, at home, not going anywhere,
and can if I want too!! so there!!) and I'm feeling VERY
good at the moment. That floaty feeling, but not too much.
I can still spell. hahaha :) Well, I have no other news.
The kitten's name is Borguida Bambadula. Don't ask, I have
no idea. Something about the greatest statesman of all
Tunisia. Yeah, she's an odd duck. But I've enjoyed having
her around for the past week or so. In other news, I'm
gonna jet. Love you all.