Your brain is like a vacume cleaner... I
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2002-05-02 01:18:12 (UTC)

May 1, 2002

Happy May Day! i no what your thinking: "well ok... who
cares... its may day" but my friend maggie is really
pressed with it and gave everybody she knows flowers at
school. I guess it was nice of her to do but it seems kinda
gay. And if your also reading this i would like you to
know that I don't mean gay in an offensive way, I just got
the word stuck in my head a while ago and i've been using
it ever since, if you want whenever you see "gay" replace
it with preppy or dumb or cocky or w/e u want... well ok
here ya go about me:
I'm 12, have a big nose, not many friends, and am not very
popular... just loud.
By not having many friends, i mean that after school anmd
weekends and stuff i'm never eveer invited to do anything
everyone has people they would rather be hanging out with,
getit?? Im not on anyones "A" list. Yes, I do have two
best friends who became friends through me but they lately
have seemed to dictch me as in... the only time they want
me with them is if they want my mom there to drive. get
it? yah... it reely sucks. And also I'm not considered
hot oranything... mainly because of my NOSE. gawd sometimes
I just want to cut it off!~ Before it grew ppl liked me,
that was a pretty long time ago though. and also i like one
of the most popular guys... not that hes super hot, but
super nice. But he wouldnt loswer himself to me...

I would write more but I'm to lazy... because this one boy
that i've liked for 3 years (not the popular guy) is online
and I'm jsut sitting here waiting for him to im me except
for i blocked him so I wouldn't know when he was online so
i wouldnt be offended that he hasn't IMed me~~~! O LORDIE
SARA, a ahold of yourself

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