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2002-05-02 01:09:59 (UTC)

New Hampsure

Ok, Well After a long day driving from NY, To NH, i'm
well back in New hampsure, Grr, and of corse i'm yet
again hateing it, Its just so boring, As my mother was
saying earlyer, New hampsure is not a place for a young
person to grow up, So i'm very glad that you are moving
to New York.
She was also saying that she doubt that my friend jeff is
going to go though with moving with me and i'm like i bet
he will. So i'm really hoping he will move with me
becuase i'd really enjoy having a Roomate who i've known
for such amounts of time and then we can do show's and all
that fun stuff, The one thing that i hate is getting a
job here and in NY, I've never Actually Quit From a job
so i don't know how to exactly Do it, So its really iffy
right now but i know that i have to get one in ny becuase
of the rent for the apt witch will start in january of
2003, Witch i should be able to get a job by then, then
there's the time that i'll need off for the times that i
come to visit NH "not that i'd probly want to but i'd have
to " I'll begin to miss NH but i really can't live here
all my life i'm not a country boi, I've grown up most of
my life in NY so that's how i've been brought up ;-)....
So i'm really hoping my friend will move with me and not
blow me off and just stay up here....
Also someone that i know started flipping out at me
because i had an away message up that she thought that i
had killed my self or sosmthing witch i had wanted to
becuase i was really upset and way over stressed and the
first thing that came to my mind, It was from a song, I
don't remember what it was from but... It wasent somthing
that i needed at the moment that it happend because my
friend heather had just said that she couldn't go to the
movie's withc was fine but then getting this all said at
me really got to me and i just didn't need it..
As for working here in NH, right now its just going to be
working for my mother and doing Odd Jobs around the
house, like yard work and stuff but that's gonna probly
end once and if i get in to the theater up in lincoln
witch would be nice because i need to get more going on to
my resumay ;-) becuase then i can make it to broadway and
you all can come see me :-D...
Well As for my friend jeff and i fighting and stuff that's
begining to work it self out witch is nice becuase i can't
stand being mad at people, My mother says that i'm
letting him go way to easyly but, Its 14 years and i
can't throw that away... :-( It'd be upseting, there are
things that upset me and bother me that he does or who he
hangs out with but i'm not able to choose his friends and
i wouldn't want to, all i want to see is him happy. So
that's why i just live my own life :-P... My life alone
is just to much for me to handle right now. As i've been
feeling latly, YES THIS IS FROM A SHOW.
My Life has killed the dream that i've dreamed - Les Mis
But who know's.... Well I'm off Sorry for writing this
stuff i know its not interesting but who know's... kisses
and hugs

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