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2002-05-02 00:50:24 (UTC)

New information

.... okay, so I know I haven't written in a while but
here's the deal in the middle of November I found out I was
pregnant. I'm due to have my baby July 13th, and I've been
really busy and unable to write in my diary. I graduated
school in December and came back home, and ever since have
been busy getting ready for the birth of my son. So, I'm in
my third trimester, almost 7 and a half months to be exact.
I'm excited and am getting ready to welcome him into the
world. So now I'm home- unable to work because I have high
blood pressure, so Jason's been being really sweet. He puts
up with my temper tantrums and has been supportingm e and I
really love him for it... well there'll be more later, but
I gotta run.

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