a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-05-02 00:27:37 (UTC)

knife to thy throat

another day has passed.. aaron was supposed to appear
tonight but ended up going home.. ::sihgs:: i had really
wanted to see him but well.. his mother wanted him home
ebcuase of the whole hannah thing.. and it makes sence. i
just miss the boy.. yeah.. i am going to his track meet
tomorrow though.. which will be nice. he is a jumper.. but
tore te muscle in his thigh into 4 pieces.. but has not
told the coach so that he can continue.. ..yeah he.. is my
aaron. though he hurts ::pouts:: well mayhaps he will stop
by on sunday.. still gogin to te the therapist next
tuesday.. oy oy.. me thinks i will need it by then. becuase
well i knida need it now. .you know looking up and noticing
that your holding a knife under your rihgt eye.. and when
you remove it trying your best not to cut yourself and see
that tehre is quite a noticible indent wehre the knife had
been.. and hopeing that it will disaper befor school
tomorrow.. yeah.. well it did.. and jessi was 'okay' today
and 'happy' adn 'well ajusted' yeah.. jstu like ever other
god forsaken day...hey at least last night the knife was
not again at me throat or wristes