No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-02 00:09:39 (UTC)


hey! well, I left during 3rd period becasue I felt like
crap! I had a headache and a fever. I think I might be
starting to get no. That isn't it. I am NOT
getting sick.(keep up that thought Ashley, lol)
I got a letter from Daniel, which was a pleasant surprise.
It was nice to hear from him and know he's doing alright.
Jessica and I are getting together this weekend. I am
staying the night with her Friday and Saturday morning we
are going to paint her Grandma's fence. Saturday night she
is staying the night with me, which I haven't told her so
she can see if that's alright, but I just found out. Yeah.
We are up to no good. Bwahahaha. lol. :) (we'll have fun)
Everyone is really starting to care about me...unless I
just started noticing...which is probably it.
ick. i need to study for that English test or I'll fail. I
don't know how to count to ten in Greek.
Mono..something...tri...I need to hit the books. lol.
"Now you're putting make-up on in class...have I gone to