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2001-06-02 00:47:34 (UTC)

Boo hoo

Well then. Now i am officially bored because i am writing
an online diary instead of in one of my notebooks or
sketchbook, but nothing really has happened to me i guess.
Just being normal little melodramatic me.Plus i can't draw
anymore. there's no art left in me. I'm only full of
hollows now, since i realized this.
My husband wasn't online for long today. evil-twin husband,
that is, bc i'm only 14. 15 tomorrow. oh yippee. today is
the first day of the rest of my life. damn it.
my cuts are stinging on my wrist.
i don't like it here. i feel really alone, and i don't
think that i will be writing in this that much. this really
bites. i read this one guy's journal on here, but he went
on talking about god. like what the hell. sorry, hon, but
i'm pagan and i don't really want to read about what your
neon god did for you. he didn't save your grandma and he
can't save me from falling out of what i fell into. ok,
that's it. um, if you read this, person-reading-this, email
me if you kinda know where i'm at -
[email protected], i believe.
toodles poodles.