Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2002-05-01 23:34:50 (UTC)

05.01.02 Dream "To Darrell, thanks"

Had a dream last night. I was picked to be on a "reality"
TV show. There were no cameras, though. It was at a cabin
in the woods on a small lake. It is perpectually twilight.
Not night, not day. The moon is full and the lake looks
like clear mercury.
There are other people there, about three men and three or
four women. all in their mid-twenties. The rules for who
gets voted off are unclear and not told to you. There are
also two or three other people that work for the network.
For an unknown reason, the whole thing feels slightly
scarey. I like the other people, they are nice and like to
explore and try new things.
There are some of us admiring the lake, when one of the
girls says she is going to go swimming, I look for approval
from the guy from the network; he is good looking, young
and intelligent, he looks back with a "do as you please"
shug. I strip out of my clothes, the others look, but are
somewhat shy. the water is cool, but not cold and feels
like mercery. The moon light plays on the water. we laugh
and have a really good time, some what platonic, like kids
playing in the shallow end of the pool. splashing, dunking,
I find myself back in the cabin towel drying when i
realize the speakerphone has a miniture bottle of rubbing
alcohol on the button holding it on. I can hear a voice
talking. But i only get part of the message, evidently this
is bad for me.
The others are around and we are sitting around talking.
I get the feeling that im connecting with one of them, I
think we kissed.
Then i see a shape move past the window. I get up and
move twords the door, the network guys asks if im going
outside in a somewhat startled voice one denoting fear and
wonder, I continue to the door and out in the back by the
lake. I see my freind Darrell. He looks healthy and happy.
It is sooo great to see him. I give him a hug and I ask him
what he is doing here, he said they asked him to come. I
say, "but your....dead." He said "thats right but they
asked me to come". I accept this and we talk for a while
playing catch-up and i tell him how much i miss him, he
tells me that he is always there.
Then i wake up

**Side note** My friend Darrell died a couple of months
ago, I miss him terribly. He was my best friend. We knew
each other for about 20 years.