My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-05-01 23:28:57 (UTC)

Hello again!

Hey! geez i haven't written in a while... cheerleading is
over tahnk god. it has been for a while... i think i had a
little silent party in my mind when that day came. no
problems with julianne anymore, i've gotten used to the
fact we don't talk. i've grown close to Jenna--realized
that we have a lot in common... even the same taste in
guys *('.')*... hehe haw haw...ORLANDO BLOOM MY GOD! lol,
he's one chuck of Grade A meat there... if you haven't
seen Lord of the Rings... GO NOW! lol. I've been doing a
lot og hanging out with my friends lately. my family has
been really getting on my nerves. i've been slightly
growing closer to my mom, but sometimes it gets a little
tense in the house and i just have to get away. Last
weekend I basically spent at Jenna's...slept over and
everything. BUT one good thing did come of that weekend...
I WENT TO SEE INCUBUS IN CONCERT!!! it was at Peoria's
Civic Center... great time! Hooba sank opened... more
about that later tho... i've started liking a certain
someone... but it's not good, not at all, HE"S TO GOOD OF
A FRIEND I NEED TO STOP! hit me... please. i need a wake
up call.

Love and bagels,