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2002-05-01 23:21:21 (UTC)


Hmmm... Took a looong time to actualy find an online diary.
Funny since there are so many out there that people have
made - but really, it was hard to find one i could just
sign up for.

Been needing to journal - but I just don't seem to do it.
Since i'm on the computer so much i figure i might do it
more this way. So much on my mind....

Had a "big talk" with Tom last night. Had so many things i
was mad about - got to spew them all out... and he took it.
He took it all. Makes me have little to no respect for him
now. Doesn't make sense to me - why did he just let me beat
up on him - why didn't he stand up for himself or defend
himself? Worries me... trying not to think about it too
much. I may share about it at my meeting tonight - we'll

Time to head out of here - go home. Think i'll walk. later!

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