2001-06-02 00:05:37 (UTC)

Who am I?

I decided I'd make this diary so I can vent every so
often. There are some things that you just can't tell a
friend, and a diary is a good place to put them, so here I
I guess I should really begin by telling you who I am.
Well, I'm a 15-and-a-half year old girl named Crystal. I
live in northeastern Ohio in a town I like to call
Hickville. It's sort of a cross between city and country,
but there's not much to do around here. My only non-
computer best friend is 21 years old (I grew up with her --
she's my neighbor), married, and has two step-kids. Her and
I still talk a lot, but it's not the same as it used to
be. Now we mostly just talk about the stuff we used to do.
I'm homeschooled, so I don't have any "classmates." I live
with my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, and my
uncle (my mom's younger brother). I love my family, but
they tend to get on my nerves. Because there are five
people living under the same roof, and there are only three
bedrooms, my mom and I have to share the same room. I
don't know of anyone else who has ever been presented with
this problem, but let me tell you, it isn't fun. I have
never had my own room and you have no idea how much I wish
I had one. When I was younger, I used to think it was cool
that my mom and I shared a room, but since I've become a
teenager, it's no longer appealing. Unfortunately, there's
not much of a choice in the matter. My mom is a single
parent with no college degree who works at Wal*Mart. Not
enough income coming in to really afford a house. And I
own a dog, so we can't rent an apartment anywhere.
You say, "get rid of the dog, end of problem," right? It's
trickier than that. I've had this dog since I was six
years old. I got her when she was just four months old
(she's ten now) and I could never just "get rid of her."
She's the only one in this household I can really talk to.
Granted, she doesn't talk back, but at least I can get some
things off my chest.
You may be asking, "so where's your Dad and how come he
can't get you out of your little prison?" My parents
weren't married when I was concieved. They were engaged
and were gonna get married, but then things just went wrong
(my father was a pretty heavy drinker) and they decided to
break it off. This was before I was born, mind you. I
guess he visited me a few times after I was born (on August
6, 1985) and he sent me a few birthday cards and gave me a
few gifts, but I don't remember him at all. I have never
seen him anywhere except in a photo. I know where he lives
(not that far from here) and I know where he works (right
up the street at factory called Venture), but I have no
great desire to meet him. Since me, he's knocked up two
other women (one of whom was my mom's old best friend) --
neither of which he's married to. So that gives me two
half sisters (one of which I've met) -- Samantha Green (the
one I met) and Jessica Doherty.
What else...oh! I'm a Christian. My denomination is
Pentacostal (sp?).
Uummm...I have brown hair, brown eyes, I'm 5'3", and who
knows how much I weigh. Another really big problem of
mine -- I'm over-weight. How many over-weight 15-year-
old's are there, really? I mean, seriously. It's really
embarrassing. I hate it. I always feel so out-of-place
and so disgusting. I am trying really hard to loose and
hopefully I'll eventually make it.
My best computer friends are Joy Laughlin, Jessica Brown,
and Ashley Wohleber. All of whom are great. :)
Oh, let's see...I enjoy horseback riding, basketball,
reading, and writing. I'm a really big writer. I'm even a
student of the Institute of Children's Literature, a well-
respected at-home writing school.
My favorite author's are probably Lois Duncan and H.G.
Wells. My favorite Lois Duncan books are They Never Came
Home, Don't Look Behind You, and I Know What You Did Last
Summer. My favorite H.G. Wells book is The Time Machine.
Let's see...my favorite TV series' are The X-Files, Boy
Meets World (gotta love syndication!), The Lone Gunmen (can
you believe they canceled it!?), and Mysterious Ways.
Movies! Gosh...uhhh...Return To Me, Titanic, Deep Impact,
Armageddon, Twister, Doctor Dolittle (1998 version),
Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Corrina Corrina, Grease, The Horse
Whisperer, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, My Best
Friend's Wedding, My Girl, My Girl 2, Silence of the Lambs,
Patch Adams, Conspiracy Theory, Dangerous Minds, Earthquake
In New York, Holiday Affair, Dark Horse, Wild Hearts Can't
Be Broken, Don't Look Behind You, The Homecoming, I Know
What You Did Last Summer...you get the point. hehe. :)
I'll most likely end up going to Kent State University's
Ashtabula Campus. I'll take their Justice Studies 'cause I
want to be a lawyer. :)
Well, I should be going. It's 8:00 and The Lone Gunmen's
on. :) Byebye!

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