They Say Vision
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2002-05-01 22:52:17 (UTC)


Hey! so i have been working some.. not Alot but some. but
enough to not see eryn enough! but.. my friend stormy
(actually my ex from like 4 million years ago) she is
getting a APT so i will be spending ALOT of time over
there.. so will eryn! :) yea.. But we are going to the zoo
next friday! i am happy! i have been wanting to go the zoo
for like.. well forever! i haven't been in forever.. the
last time i went was with my dad! and i haven't spent time
with my dad since was 8 so.. you can tell how long it's
been! i won't get into anything about my dad.. it's to
emotional for me! anyways.. i went to my friends grave. his
name is dave.. i miss him alot.. and everytime i go.. i
keep getting the image of when i went to his funeral and
the way he looked.. and when i went up the casket.. and
looked at him and turned around and saw his mom.. i went
over and i dont' know her that well.. but i got down and
told her i was sorry about this.. and i hugged her.. and
gave her this card that i bought.. but i know i god needed
him for somthin so i am not going to get mad like most
people do when someone dies.. god gonna need me too
someday..just hopefully not anytime soon! but yea enough of
the sappieness! so i get to see eryn later on tonight.. i
started my period.. so we all know what that means.. No
booty! lol.. yea right! so i need shave.. My legs.. and
uh.. yea.. but i am lazy and i am not getting any tonight
so there is no need for it.. well as far as i know i'm
not.. why am i talkin about this.. so i am listening to
this song by TLC I AINT TO PROUD TO BEG!!! yea.. I love
this song.. this song makes me feel good.. cause i know i
aint to proud to beg.. So i haven't said much about my
g/f.. Eryn is awsome.. she is so cute.. and pretty.. and
yea alot of other things.. i have alot to say about her..
but.. i aint got time! "I aint got no time for no cheese on
your burger! and the whole box is to little to describe
Eryn! :) i am smooth with the words! god i am such a dumb
ass! "Everyone join the patty wagon , i aint to proud to
beg" Yea.. so i am gonna go.. yea.. Peace out!