The lost little girl
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2002-05-01 22:42:09 (UTC)

"lost and gone forever"...

if you don't know the title of this entry is the name of an
album by Guster...they are pretty good, i know i have
mentioned them in earlier entries. if you haven't checked
them out yet, you should.
i hung out with Gregg yesterday,..it was cool. we went to
concord and i bought Mallrats and Tomb Raider...and then i
bought a cd..it's Bon Jovi "One Wild Night 1985-2001" it's a
live album so it's wicked cool. i got into all that music (
big hair pretty boy rock) b'cuz my sister listened to it and
my brother did too.we saw Frailty ( wicked strange movie)
and then went to eat. had some of the best boneless buffalo
wings i have ever had ( out side of the original)... :)
can't wait for kareoke tomorrow. it's gonna be fun. although
dana can't go - :( - i hope that we have still enough fun to
keep us sane. have to figure out what we are doing
afterwards though. we aren't sure. anyways..
must be going. i'm bored outta my mind and i have to find
something to do. until then take care, have fun, and don't
forget that somewhere out there...there is someone thinking
about you and wondering if you'll ever notice them. Bye
byebye - love ~ janie

daily quote :

"i guess it's alternate mode of transportation day or
something" - chris

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