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my daily wonderful life
2002-05-01 22:23:38 (UTC)


Hey, my names Kristina and this is my diary. I guess i
should start by telling you a little bit about myself.
(today wasnt the greatest day so if i sound sad forgive me)
Anyway, im almost 15, and im sigle, although that feels
weird to say. Ive been dancing for 10 years. i take tap,
jazz and pointe, and i help teach a jazz class. My friends
i have now are great, although there are some EX friends
(more like FRIEND) that ISNT so great. He could be
mentioned in this diary, that can be the mystery. Speaking
of mysterys, i like scary movies! yep, thats right. And
books even though its a rare occasion when i read. I just
got a job at mcdonalds and i like it so far, although
yesterday was only my first day.. and when they say fast
food, they mean FAST food. not to mention i still have yet
to find out what im being paid, but thats ok, its fun. now,
back to the subject of friends. (this will list most of my
friends, if i miss you im sorry and dont think that your
that bad friend i was talkin about cuz we all know who HE
is) anyway.... friends: Alyssa (lyssie), tricia, lauren,
amanda, julie, jess, john, matt, brettany, shawna, theresa,
sean, leaha, elizebeth (lizzie), laura, nicole, marc, dan,
erin, jessie, tyler, jenny, ashley, val. if i missed you
tell me. these are most of the good people that could be in
my diary. all these people are AWSOME and help me out
alot... thanks you guys =) well i guess, im gonna go now!

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