the ups and downs of my life
2002-05-01 20:27:09 (UTC)


well nuttin realy happened eresting today we just have to
make up a charcter for english and pretend to be them
tomorrow..i think i am going to either be an airplane
piolet or a clown. im not sure though.

tracy(my friend for about a year) is mad at me and i dont
know why!! me and another one of my friends (jess) well
jesas gave me a magizine about internet psychos and how
they get smart kids and kill them and stuff and since
tracy talks to alot of ppl on there we told her she should
read it and we toad here there is no way of telling who u
r actually talking to. i didnt even say it actually jess
did. and shes mad at me and jess (ithink) and allso when
we were co ming from science i was terlling her something
and she completetly ignored me so i walked away i mean y
would i want to talk to someone who doesnt even talk to

well i went to the coal mine yesterday and it was pretty
cool. we were down like 30 stories!!thats pretty scary.
and the showed us ifferent heights of the mine an
ddifferent machines al and all i thought it was pretty
cool. the museum part was a lil bpring but i stilll
learned some stuff.

well i guess that is it for now. bye