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2001-06-01 22:22:25 (UTC)

a possible breakup

Hey, whats up? it's been forever since i've written in
here, so i decided to write because i'm waitng for the
pizza guy to get here, anyways, just wanted to say. That
love i have, i still have, but its getting old very fast.
We went 2 fucking weeks w/o talking, i emailed him every
freaking day, he emailed me twice. Just one liners to! the
nerve! he said it was because he had exams or something
when i know he doesnt get out of school until June 20th.
AHHH i'm just so pissed. Anyways, when we finnaly did talk
a week ago, all he wanted to talk about was sex, thats it.
SEX FUCK SEX MAN! I'm so sick of sex, i've never even had
sex and i'm fuckin sick of it. Thats sad. Thats
ALLLLLLLLLLL he talks about. I mean yeah, it was great at
first, but dammit i'm sick of it! Fuck sex, fuck love, fuck
it all. I'm sick of it. I'm just so tired of relationships,
i want a fuckn break.