a little piece of me
2002-05-01 19:25:59 (UTC)

critique and stuff

critique went fairly well today, actually. i was really
surprised. i guess i was just really sick of looking at
mine. i didn't like it at all. maybe my little speach
helped...yaked about how beauty comes from pain, and the
angles and different surfaces yield different reflections.
really corny, but i sounded like i meant it. in a way, i
did. i just hate having to explain myself. the teacher
really liked it, which for class's sake is all that
counts. we get everything back wednesday.

i also finally got to meet matt the metals man. he needed
a ride home, so i offered. he's a really nice guy. pretty
cool. very funny and polite. he didn't live that far from
me, so it was no trouble. cool guy.

went to sell some cd's today. only got $9. little
disappointing. ended up buying a necklace for $4, so i
only gained $5 today. pretty sucky. mom's having a
rummage sale soon, so maybe she can sell a few more of my
cd's there. i'd get about five bucks each for them. that
would help a lot. i really desperately need money. i
shouldn't have bought the necklace today, but it was jingly
and silver and weird and was just screaming my name. such
is life.

tomorrow is the cook out. i bought salsa and nachos, and
also plain chips for it. hopefully that's enough. jillian
said all the classes were invited, so there are going to be
a lot of people there. i just couldn't afford to get much
more. that alone was almost ten dollars. i need money!!!

alright, well, i suppose that's it for now. oh, i ordered
something for turtle the other day. hopefully it will be
in before i get back down to see him. we both have a love
and fascination for dragons, so i got him this dragon
thingy. i really hope he likes it. he's so sweet. said
he's going to buy me some dwarf hamsters and stuff. i
laughed, cause i know he thinks they're really cute and he
really wants them, just needed an excuse. we're going to
have our own little zoo. 7 birds, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, an
iguana, and maybe a dog. craziness, i swear. i'd like to
hold off on the dog until we get our own house. that way
it can run around in the yard. oh, that reminds me...last
night he told me he wants to spend the rest of his life
with me. in the past, that would have freaked me out. but
i know he's the one. made me so happy. i love him so much.

ok, that's really it. gotta get some more packing done.
heather, hope things are better. please call me soon.