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2002-05-01 18:54:03 (UTC)


I've never ever been so honest with anyone in my entire
life. It's almost scary how close Zack and I are. We spent
5 hours talking last night. I told him stuff that I've
never even been able to admit to myself. So much of my life
has been spent hiding and doing things in secret, it's
weird to think that someone else knows everything about me.
But I love it because there's nothing to hide. Hee hee, I
get away with too much in here. The girl sitting next to me
just asked me how I get away with not being caught. I guess
I'm just special. I tried to call Zack before this class
started, but my phone was being silly. I think I figured
out how I get away with stuff in here. I make eye contact
with the instructor when he's lecturing, but he doesn't pay
attention to the fact that I'm sitting here typing away
while he's talking. Wow, last night was strange. We were
talking for a while and I was thinking, "Hey, it's like 3
right now", but it was only 1 and then, like what seemed
like only 5 minutes later Zack was like "Hey you know what
time it is?" it was 4. Hee hee. We said goodbye like 10
times. Jen (Jen with one N Peterson) is a crazy girl. I
love the way she expresses herself. "Magenta Files" Read
it, it's short right now, but very very interesting.This
morning, I was late again and I decided not to go to first
period because I saw Jen, Jon & Alex in the library which I
happened to pass through. I sat down and distracted them
from the work they were to be doing with out a hint of
disapproval from their teacher Mr. Myers who happened to be
my teacher my Sophmore year. He's cool with me. I sat and
played with my hair and made it all twisty and funky on the
top. Now I'm sitting here braiding the bottom of it when I
have to minimize these windows when Mr. Pock walks back
here. Wow, I'm talented! I'm doing like 5 things at once.
I'm listening to this lecture, braiding my hair, checking
my e-mail, reading jen's diary, writing an e-mail to
gracie, and trying to write notes on the lecture all at the
same time. I should not be sitting in the back of the room
on a computer in the dark, it's too easy to get away with
being a delinquent (that could be taken bad, but it's not).
Mr. Pock is making dirty computer jokes. He's funny. Now
he's going off on a tangent and teaching us about Macros,
so I may have to pay attention for a bit. Ha ha, my hair is
all crazy right now. I'm going to take out all the little
braids later on and my hairs going to be all crimpy. I get
to see Zack today. Yay! I miss seeing him. Ha ha, I'm
silly, I spent all day on Sunday with him, but I still miss
him. Sometimes he'll go home and I'll call him like 15 or
20 minutes later (cuz that's about how long it takes him to
get home) and be like "I miss you" and he's like "Already?"
and I'm like "Yea." "You should listen to this cuz it's an
important concept." Okay. Words words words, I'm going to
go nuts in here, he's actually teaching and I'm just
zoning! Oh well, I've done the beginnings of Access.
Hmmmm... I'm running on empty right now. I had a cup of
coffee with chocolate in it this morning, but it didn't do
me much good. "I know tomorrow my best friend will be my
coffee cup..." Hee hee. Oh I can't wait to see my baby
today. I want to give him a really big hug. He makes me
feel so good. Mr. Pock is discombobulated again.He's using
words that are to big for him, he sounds really silly.
Everyone was complaining about being in here too long (it's
been almost two hours). Now he's laughing to lose calories.
Crazy old man has finally lost it. Hmmm... primary keys,
Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, if this wasn't going to
give me good job training, i'd drop this silly class. i'm
tired. i need to take a nap. Oops, i forgot to finish my
letter to Gracie. I'm going to go write that and then I'm
going to finish the Access thing and then go back and
finish the entry about the weekend that I didn't finish
yesterday. Yea, I be busy. Bu bye.