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somewhere in between
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2002-05-01 18:39:27 (UTC)

no big whoop!

yay yay! i know where it's from!! it's from coffee talk
on SNL, ok guys? now all the people like marisa & i can
just simma dan...cuz it's from coffee talk. i repeat,
coffe talk. she goes, "we'll talk, we'll have coffee, no
big whoop."

yeah and on that note...umm i need some coffee. i didn't
even stay up late last night. or the night before that.
but i guess the weekend killed me. oh well. hopefully i'm
getting my pics back today. and awana is almost over so
that's cute. there's no way in poop i can do that next
year. so that = relief.

5 weeks and 2 days left of school. one week less than the
camerons...haha! plus i'll be going to mexico in 2
weeks...and up to that concert thing next weeekend. oh

if you still want to go to the concert thing @ great
america (in santa clara), we're going up on saturday the
11th & spending the night & driving back on
sunday....that's mother's day. but if you want to go &
your parental units say it's cool, let me know by the end
of this week. thanks guys :-D

alright, sweet.