Something to talk about
2001-06-01 22:05:14 (UTC)

Sister loyalty

So, Diane had her baby one week ago today. His name is
Seth and he is absolutely perfect! The thing is that Diane
(who is so emotional anyway) is post-pardom and cries all
day every day. I feel really bad for her, but it got
really frustrating when I drove an hour every morning for a
week to help her out and all she did was cry! Luckily, I
got a break this morning and stayed home to watch my other
sister's kids. She is living at our house right now. I
love being so close to her! I've missed our long talks.

Since I'm the youngest of all my sisters, I really get
taken advantage of, I think. Most of the time, I really
don't mind and I want to help when I can. But sometimes I
just can't wait to move out again and live my own life. I
feel like my nephews are my own kids and sometimes I think
that is just not right. But I am glad that I am "cool aunt
Sharon." I wish that I had young aunt when I was growing

Well, Rachel graduated last night. That is so crazy! It
made me feel really old. I'm glad though, because that is
just one step closer to going away to college and getting
an apartment together! I'm so glad that we get along so
well. Not everyone is best friends with their cousins.

I am so tired from running around taking care of my
nephews. I need to go to bed really early tonight!