Dark angel
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2002-05-01 17:38:17 (UTC)

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Hey what’s up? Today is a day just like any other day.
Boring. There’s not much too do. I occupy my time by
reading and writing poetry. Most of the people I know like
to read. Mystery, sci fi, fantasy, romance are the best
books. I read so much that if I had a book that was 2435 it
could be read in the total of 3 days. That includes 12 hour
sleeping and meals. Most people say I’m a bookworm. I’m not
I just can’t help my ability to read so fast, but it’s not
like skipping or skimming because I can tell you word for
word the entire story of the book. People called it weird I
call it talented although people say it stupid I think its
cool. For me when I read a book it’s like a live the life
of that person, the up’s and down’s. I like it better that
way because I don’t have to deal with every day life. I
mean I hate the way I live but it’s not like I can change
that, it makes me made when people pick on me just so they
can look bigger and bad. Who wants to hang around people
like that or even the ones who say one thing to you and the
next thing to you’re sworn enemy.
It’s like just leave me be already, who cares what you say
to hurt me. That what I feel about pretty much everyday.
Because I cut my hair short like a guy with spiked hair
doesn’t mean that I lower than you. I hate it when people
call me hypocrite, I’m not I don’t do that to people so
then can just take theresevels away if they don’t want to