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2002-05-01 17:23:57 (UTC)

i want to scream and cry and..

i want to scream and cry and run away from everything
but theres something keeping me here
and i cant place it
i dont fucking want to place it
uneven breaths
i was counting down the time.
like a giddy little girl.
i feel like someone standing on my diaphram
i feel like
like i never thought i could.
one thing after the other after the other
too much for this little girl.
and i know that theres no going back now
it may take awhile
but slowly im slipping back
and now there is no one to keep my head above water
now i dont even want to be saved.

~youre fucking crazy ashley, do you know what youre doing.
turmoil. i love you.~

i dont like to think that love is like war.

is this what weve come to.
is this where it ends.
is this the line.
is this what you wanted.

the plaster dented from your fist.
in the hall where you had your first kiss.

"reminds you that the memories will fade..."

"this is the last time....this is the last time...this is
the last time..."

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