hello kitty cat
2002-05-01 16:43:43 (UTC)

a child is who I was, a child is how I'll die...

I guess I'm not finished writing. I'm listening to a song
from still becoming..from the pumpkins...of course. I used
to listen to this song a lot on I first
moved here. Because Ian was taking hockey lessons..and he
must have been humiliated because my Father put him in the
beggining class with the 7 year olds. So here are these
kids skating around falling all over the place..and then in
the middle of them all a 6 foot 13 year old. I used to have
to come with them to watch Ian..cause Dad would go off and
do something. I'd post the lyrics for this song..but the
school computer decided to block me from I
love how you can look at titties on these computers but not
a bands website. I only have 12 days left. Then it will be