Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-05-01 16:42:48 (UTC)

Uno de Mayo :)

Oh my god, I just finished writing this entry, and I
accidentally hit the Esc key, and it was all erased.
Bummer. Here we go again...
First of all, I cannot believe that it's May already.
It really doesn't seem like we've burned through so much of
the year already. Second, Ryan's turning 21 in a month!
He's so excited. So am I :) I came up with the perfect
gifts for his birthday. I bought one yesterday, a portable
CD/Mp3 player with a car kit so he can listen to the
billions of songs he's downloaded anytime, anywhere. It's
really the perfect gift for him (aside from a TOOL
autographed pair of drumsticks, which don't seem to exist
anywhere). I also came up with a really cute way to give
him alcohol money, since he's going to be too broke around
his birthday to get his own. I'm going to take $40 (in
$5's, so it's funnier), and write in sharpie on the
bills 'Ryan's 21!!!' and 'FOR ALCOHOL ONLY'. It'll be
great :) Maybe instead of me paying $40, I can get
everybody to chip in, and we'll end up with even more
money. I'll put in $25 or something. I'm sure Daniel and
Laura will go for that. It's going to be fun. And we'll
have a kickass party at the house, because his birthday
just happens to be on a Saturday (yay!).
Thank you to those of you who responded respectfully
to my last entry. It was good to read objective points of
view, rather than just narrow-minded statements
like 'stupid pothead'. I do enjoy smoking weed, but I do
not spend a lot of money on it (usually it comes from a
place that allows me to pay little or nothing for it), and
I never meant to make it sound like the cool thing to do.
It's just a small part of my life that doesn't make me any
better or worse of a person. When I talk about getting weed
or smoking out, those activities are such normalities to me
that I guess I don't really think about the shock value
they have to some people. To me, it's like going to a
movie, but to someone else it might be like snorting
cocaine. Just like some people who snort cocaine might
think of it as a trip to the beach whereas I would think
of it as self-mutilation (disclaimer: I am in no way
setting a standard for the severity of self-mutilation,
which I have both witnessed and experienced firsthand. I
simply think that it is a sad, dangerous, and life-altering
activity, such as snorting coke...this is only my opinion).
Thank you, that is all!