hello kitty cat
2002-05-01 16:30:32 (UTC)


I'm just about fed up with my situation. I don't feel
welcome in my own house, I have to move out...I'm worried
about leaving my cat at home. My Dad has serious problems.
I'm upset about my summer...I always planned the summer
after I graduate being the summer to far as
fun..and now I have to work fulltime..and all that shit. I
hate this. I know I'll feel better when I have my own place
to put my own come home to it being
be able to sit around without getting sick from stress...I
know. The worst part is I know I'm blowing this all out of
proportion. I have to be...because all this shit is too
insane for it all to be real...I'm talking about my Dad and
them....I just don't understand. I don't understand how he
can make up things and actually believe them..and then
accuse me of lying. I just don't know anymore...I'm a mess.