cosmic ski slopes
2001-06-01 21:39:19 (UTC)

The Doctor Says:

my appintment went horridly, as I knew it would. My mom sat
next to me, answering for me even though she has no idea
what's going on or why any of it's going on. Dr. Chase put
me on Xanax (pronouced: zanex), it's like an ashma inhaler,
only apill. I only take it when I need it... when I feel an
attack coming on or whatever, u know? He says I might have
Thyroid Disease, so he wants to moniter me, whatever the
hell that is...
So now I'm on meds, like I knew I would be... Oh well, I'm
not caring- well, trying not to.

Well, I finaly talked to Nick, we're on for the dance and
for dinner. I can't wait to see him!! It makes all of this
worht it, like I said before!!