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2002-05-01 11:11:53 (UTC)

Tuesday I saw Carol - somethings are wrong

Tuesday I saw Carol. She was crying because of her
boyfriend. Well they always live in lies. They are
burgeois or cosmopolitans. That kind of social beings
believe that if say a word it will be the truth. Now
things are falling. I belive her boyfriend does not
like her. Only uses her to get some status or edge.
I usually do not mind about people lieing to get things.
I just wait them fall in own lies with time.
Now it is time to get happy their lies crashed themselves.
Because they used my name to get somethings. They lied
about me to get girlfriend and respect. Lies does not
long so far.
I will help my friend to see better the false friends.
And false feelings people are trying to give.
I need to show better example than just being a hero.
It is good for a war not for a love.
Today is May 1st. In past some heros died in a battle by
them rights. Maybe a take a tour at big city events.
Yesterday I did not go to another city. Bill should be not
profitable. I am learning how to fall and do big.

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