It smells like poop over here
2002-05-01 08:38:26 (UTC)

to be the way you are

i think i need to pick up that student rick album, at
first they sounded like whusses, but im starting to like
them, and identify with them.
my own mind is betraying be, as it always seems to.
whatever i think is a good idea at the time, just seems
like a mistake afterwards. take all my problems with
giulia, she pisses me off a lot, but i want to talk to her,
see her and be with her...and maybe be with her in a
relationship. course im only 19, and i've got time to find
that special someone. she claims to have two best friends,
me and lauren. this is plausible, because im not sure who
my best friends is, i believe i just have a few really
really good friends. but at times, i want all her
attention, and when i don't get it (like the selfish little
bitch i am), i want to pull that disappearing act i used to
refer to. i still want to do that, but im thinking of
changing it into a road trip in my brother's car, and just
not tell anyone, except matt. he would need to know that i
took his car.
nick and i set up the trampoline, it was badass. my
elbow is acting up again. it hurts to rest it on an arm
rest, it's swollen and black and blue. i need to wear and
elbow like all the fucking time now or something. it only
bothers me after wrestling too. oh yeah, nick took out the
ball (clasp) on my conche piercing, and it started to bleed
cause he kinda ripped it. i think im going to have to take
it out in order to continuing training to be a wrestler.
i'd rather achieve a dream than look cool. but i could
still get a mohawk for my "Straight Edge" A.J. St. Michael
gimmic. perhaps ill be a total punker, i dont' know just
i forgot about this window, forgot i had this goin.


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