ahoy hoy
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2002-05-01 07:52:59 (UTC)

yay my b-day :(

hmmmm i woke up hella depressed, i dont know why i was
hella sad all day but am really good at putting on a happy
face, i started feeling better as the day progressed,
(well kinda) it was so bad that i finally desided that i
needed to do something to get me in a good mood so i
decided to get another tattoo, i wanted to get it but i
could afford it, but i got a different one than the one i
oriinally wanted, its smaller, but whatever it did its
good i felt alot better after getting it done, it was
thereapeutic,(hahaha i know its bad, but whatever. what
ever works, works) so i was happy, but now as am typing
this entry am not so good, i managed to get some booze
from alix this girl i talk to once in a while she's a nice
person, (youcant be mean to a nice person) well anyways i
know she has like this huge as bottle of sky vodka that she
got from this girl who hates vodka, so thats what am
drinking this minute, its hard to type when you have 5
shots if vodka in youre system but anyways yeah) well one
thing thats good about this am definitly going to have a
good nights rest. lol, ( no if you are wondering i am not
drinking alone i had all my shots in alixs room as we
talked about some random, you know what i dont even rember
cuz i really wasnt paying attention i was watching the tV
and nodding my head) i dunno, its cool though am 20 now
thats cool not a teenager anymore :)
21 is going to be a good year, oh yeah

well am tired and like i said earlier its getting hard to
type soo blah blah blah blah blah

tata ^_^