faiien angei

a day in the life...
2002-05-01 06:58:34 (UTC)

if looks could kills i wouldnt need all the pills

ha ha...
after all this time, it finally happened.
it's kinda weird to think about it...it kinda makesme
he had a mirror next to his bed and i looked over to see me
and him...it was weird...like i was looking at something
that i had wanted to happen for so long but i didnt care
all weekend he wanted to hang out with me...but i didnt. i
wanted to bewith him again...buti promisd dana i woulnt
come back all googly eyed.
and i didnt...dont know how he felt though. LOL
it ws the cutest thing in the world...on sunday he came
over to my tent and we were sitting on the couch talking,
and he grabbed my hand and was like "lets make out behind
the tent!" and we ran off holding hands...i was trying not
to laugh but it was too funny. i felt like i was in high
school again. HA HA
i kinda felt bad on sunday...he offered to pick me up from
the hotel and drop me off in the morning, but i called him
when i got there and told him i was going to sleep. i think
he was a bit bumed cause he didnt call me today.

he's leaving for iowa tomorrow to hang ot wiht paul. LOL
i will have to cal him later and tell him to buy me a shot
glass from iowa...i need it to complete my collection.

i'm mad at jason...tif mentioned something to me about him
and tai...she was going to leave and he stared freaking out
and started talking about marriage with her...
i feel betrayed..
idont want him to be with her anymore.
it's one thing if i'm seeing people casually because i'm
not in love with them...once love is involved...it's a
complete different situation...and he loves her.
i feel like i have no weight over anything...i have no idea
what is going on between them...and htat bothers me.
eugh. i have to go t bed. i'm sleepy.

still need to recover from coachella...and goathead!