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2002-05-01 06:08:53 (UTC)

Ah, where to start... Site s..

Ah, where to start...
Site's been forgotten- no, *neglected* the past few weeks
mainly because I get easily distracted lately. Hell, I
haven't even been online for at least 2-3 weeks 'cept
Wally's classes, but those don't count I can't do anything
there. My drawing habits have slowed to about the speed of
frozen molasses, and basically my attention has been
elsewhere. Where? My new hug-toy, Ed. ^___________^

Jeebus, I've fallen waaay behind with what I wanted to do
with the site. Wanted to fix the opening page - possibly
redo it, but that's pushing it; make/add more word pics;
start the games section (BLOOD OMEN 2 F*CKIN RULES!!); and
go through the links to other sites. Damn him ... eh, I
probably wouldn't have gotten to it anyway. At least I'm
enjoying myself.

Seems I'm not the only one with a new toy- Gothie's got one
too, though I doubt she's as involved with hers as I am
with mine. I'll leave that to die now.

Speaking of- Gothie's been going to Rocky for the past 3(?)
weeks straight. How she can go there so many times is
beyond me- from what I hear it's just a massive orgy
with "Rocky Horror Picture Show" playing. Oh, I'm sure the
virgin sacrifices are funny as hell, but i doubt it's
enough to make me go back that many times. Did I mention
she got her bra taken off by a drag queen there? (you're
welcome Fluffy) No, I wasn't there, but I always hear the
stories after. I never really had too much of an urge to
see it in the first place, and I REALLY don't want to get
sacrificed. Most of my friends wouldn't squeal, but I'm
sure someone would. *cough*Adam*cough* Paranoid? Me?

Jumping to yet another subject- and because I'm too lazy to
see if i mentioned this before- I got a puppy around Easter
time. He's lab and newfundland (spelling?) and the cutest
little shithead I've seen in a while. My brother got him
from a hillbilly that goes to Menards all the time (my bro
works in the guard shack). I swear this pup looks like a
bear and acts like a cat. I'll hafta u/l some pics to my
site... if i ever start working on it again. I think
that'll be pretty soon though- I'm starting to regain my
attention for other things as well as my toy. Can't say the
updates would be very frequent though.

Well, I'm off to bed now. Nitey-nite.