The Life and Times of Dana Scully
2001-06-01 19:27:54 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I, Dana Katherine Scully, am writing to you to admit my
love for my partner and friend, Fox William Mulder. I am
not sure quite when I realized this, but I know it is true.
And now....as I hold his child in my arms, I know more than
ever that I could never ask for more. I have the man I
love and I have his child. I am lucky. Even with all
we've seen and endoured, this makes up for every last
Yours truly,
Dana Katherine Scully

Ok...I know, I'm obsessed. Oh well, I bet you're wondering
who I really am. Well, I'm Holly. I love the X-Files.
I'm obsessed with the X-Files. I know pretty much
everything about the show! I want to be Scully. So, I write as if I
her. Fanfic especially. I actually plan on making my
entries to you in fanfics. :) Then people will stop bugging
me to read my pitiful, crappy writing. ah well....I must
go to work...hasta luego...
*Bad ass chick from the Moulin Rough*