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2001-06-01 19:26:03 (UTC)

Good Stuff

A girl is living with her boyfriend, she just graduated and is babysitting, who knows what he does, but I doubt it is anything spectacular. Someone told me it wasn't fair , they got the "good stuff". I beg to differ. I am babysitting for a couple with two boys. The boys are wonderfully behaved. The house is big enough, not huge, but diffenetly comfortable. They have two computers, a laptop, three t.v.'s, a car, an explorer, nice things, but mostly love. The oldest son, six, often brags about his baseball games, and his dad is the assistant coach. Mom and Dad spend as much time with their young children as they can. The parents both went to Ole Miss, but they had a headstart, because daddy was a doctor. Who cares? Anybody can do it, if they work hard enough. Two loving parents with very comfortable incomes, a few kids who are happy and very loved. That is the "good stuff" to me. That is what I want. And I think wit the help of one person, I can get it. Everything I've ever wanted. The "good stuff". But maybe I'm wrong, maybe the "good stuff" is sex and babies without a steady job to support them or maybe the "good stuff" is just sex. Oh well, I like my theory better. I will try for my "good stuff" and everyone else can have theirs.