bay turtle

This is Reality?
2001-06-01 19:15:42 (UTC)

Finalyl Friday

Wow... it's fianlyl friday! It seems as if this week has
lasted months and months, instead of only four days (monday
was a holiday).

There are ants marching in a line up the side of the
cabinet, across the counter, into the sink, and back (into
the overflowing trasch cans)because my brothers have failed
to take out the trash and wash the dishes. Those losers.
It's not like I never remind them to do their jobs, either!
(like it's my repsonsiblilty anyway). I spend all my free
time watching them. It's taken me almost a full year to
write (and complete) one story.

"The ants go mraching one by one, hurrah, hurrah, the ants
go marching one by one, hurrsh, hurrah... "

Something like that.

I have had the worst headache for the whole day... I can't
figure it out! It's with me from the moment I wake up until
the moment I fall asleep. UI feel sleepy, (exhausted,
actually), hungry, lightheaded (as if I"m going to lose
consciousness), and it's like I"m fighting a constant head
cold the whole day. Maybe I'm just tired, or it could be
the school building, or even the weather.