The Thoughts of A Writer
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2002-05-01 04:12:36 (UTC)

Schooling...what a pain in the...

I did my schedule today. What a pain in the butt. I
have a total of six classes next year and I am not looking
forward to any of them. And to make matters worse, my best
friend is not in any of them. I guess there is a price to
pay to be a slacker. I am behind everyone in my grade. (I
wont say which grade that is'll have to figure
it out yurself...)

I want to do home schooling but my mom wont let me. I
think I could do waaaaayy better if I did. I know I would
sure try more. Anyways, if I have to give a message to
anyone going into high school, it would be, DO NOT MESS
AROUND YOUR FRESHMAN YEAR!! You will pay for it later! I
wish I didnt have to.

I'll leave it at that, TTYAL!


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