even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-05-01 04:03:24 (UTC)

these smiling eyes

so, stuff... i don;t knwo man, i really was excited to
write but hten i forgot my password and it was really hard
to get it back, so i was abotu to be like, fuck it.. but...
i figured id come this far... stuff with kelly is bad, her
stuff sucks, and its just terrible, and i don;t really knwo
what to do.. i dont; think anyone realyl does, and today
she just broke down and cried cause she didn't want to have
to grow up, you know? and that hurts that sucks so bad, and
my mom watched, she walked by and didn;'t say a hting
wichich just amkes me douibt her sincerity through this
whole thing, and that sucks... shes mean today, she ate
some of my guacamoke that i was making for spanish class
after i tol dher no, which woudlnt; have been a problem
except that i told her now, and where the respect in that?
i really feel that she doesn;t respect me osmeitmes... and
i t really woudn;lt have been an issue except that ive
really been thining baout peopel eating my food this week,
without asking, its a respect thing, ack.... and alex it
hink is mad at me and that makes me sad... ack ack ack... i
dont; know... cause i wonder if when shonee comes we're all
gonna pretend its ok? i kind hope so, but i kinda just hope
that tis gonna be ok... and i know no ones gonna read this,
and i kinda liked it when everyone read evryone elses
diary, so then we knew what was really, really enough ,
going on...

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