Online With Patrick D. McCormick
2002-05-01 03:47:37 (UTC)

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

The CXN CD has sold well! I’m going to continue selling
it though. Soon either I will or D1 with set up Internet
retail. I got a job! Well 2 Jobs, I suppose I will be
working my ass off this summer, but that’s good…good money
hopefully. I will be working full-time with my granddad
in construction from 7 am to 330pm after that I will be
working with Beach Road Records. I stopped in and asked a
few questions about the possibilities of making this an
internship with the school; she said no that I didn’t have
the right classes to do so.

I put together a new Neuroexorcism disk last night. Many
people tell me I put out stuff too fast. Well number 1
this cd I spent all year writing I just finally decided it
was done. Secondly – The love of my life is music and
recording music is a big part of that. Im sure that if
you went up to a painter and said “hey- didn’t you paint
one yesterday?” they would look at you oddly. I spend
every opportunity I get writing, playing, and recording
music. Does this make one track less valuable than
another? No. Its what I do. I do it for me. I love when
people want to listen to it more than anything. And its
definitely great when they actually want to PAY for it,
but you know I am not going to stop myself from writing
because I have such a large catalogue; that would be
ridiculous. And I refuse to slow down.

It’s exam week at Radford. I had three exams today; I
cleaned and packed up my entire room. I think I’m going
to miss this year. I had some amazing professors and my
roommate, Ben, was the best. But I guess things have to
change. I leave Thursday; I will be home on Fri. I start
work on Mon.

I’m also working a little on another project of spoken
world material. These will be essays and with be read
clean without background noise. Most of the essays are
sociological and economical observations about this sick
world we live in. I love the world as much as the next
guy, and I love life, but there is no excuse for
something’s such as poverty in America. Its time I spoke
up on worldly issues again. This time it will be

I have a hard time recognizing national hug and kiss day
when it falls on the 10th anniversary of the LA riots.
Could it happen again? Yes.
Will it happen again? Most likely
What have we learned from 10 years ago? No enough

: people need to straighten their priorities out
: people need to straighten their priorities out
: its imperative
: its imperative
: life isnt about TV
: life isnt about TV
: Life isnt about school
: Life isnt about school
: Life isn’t about “they say”
: Life isn’t about “they say”
: life is about living
: life is about living
: caring
: caring
: being genuine
: being genuine
: not getting caught up in this sociamediamediumshit
: not getting caught up in this sociamediamediumshit like
they want you to
: Life isnt about kissing ass
: Life isn’t just what you do when waiting to die

“There’s no use screaming unless we grow!”

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