summer of '01
2001-06-01 18:41:59 (UTC)

Friday June first

Go Sixers!! The sixers are awesome this year,A right now
i've been just watching games and rooting them..I really
wanna see my first parade ever. I always wonder how it must
be in NY, where a parde happens every other week.
Especially sports parades, I cant remember one time the
Yankees were'nt close to winning. Anyway, yesterday me and
timo went to the spot and had a hell of a time. da spot
is really chill, college, multicultural atmosphere. I was
living it up, had a few drinks. Thats when I saw someone I
went to college with. I remember she had a huge crush on me
when I first went there, and I even tried to call her, to
poke her, and she told me her parents were strict, bla,
bla, bla. I dont give a DAMN! Anyway, she looks hella
better now, very cute, very fuckable. And a Hot lil bod, Im
gonna have a hell of a time hitting that shit. Hopefully,
nothing botches this out, gotta work out starting this
weekend. Im getting too fat, too noticebly fat. Looks like
we are gonna go watch the game on South St tonite. If the
sixers win, a make out session will erupt. Well this summer
is starting off slow, but the pace is starting to swing.

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