2002-05-01 03:32:04 (UTC)

Freddy got fingered

You know that has GOT to be the WORST Movie ever. Tom
Green is fucking retarded. sorry that movie is on MAx. I
was dating this girl, and we had just turned 17 and wanted
to see a rated R movie and freddy got fingered was the only
one at the time sp we went and stayed for maybe 20 minutes
then left. It has been the ONLY movie i left b.c it

anyway nothing much happeend today. I worked at 6. Theres
this girl that works there. I think she's beautiful.
We're spose to go catch a movie on thursday. maybe
something might happen. I doubt it b.c nothing ever
happens to me. other than that, Just a normal day.
besides im tired so im goign to bed