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2001-06-01 18:39:23 (UTC)

god, another day in the most..

god, another day in the most boring place in the world. . .
i hate working here, i guess i shouldn't bitch too much
though since i can spend so much time doing whatever the
hell i want, its not that horrible. but days like today i
just want to leave because i don't wantt o have to rush
around to go out later. . . we're going downtown and out for
a while tonight i think, if i can get my rear view mirror
back on. i have been trying to get it back on since
tuesday, its friday now, i've spent about 15$ on glue to
figure out how to reattatch it and nothing works, so my new
solution today was to drive to home depot (sans mirror) and
buy epoxy, which i thought may have been a bit extreme but
after my half hour bout with crazy glue this morning i had
no other choice! and of course now its raining and dark
outside so i'm going to have to figure out how to do this
without getting all wet. i went grocery shopping yesterday
and spent sooo much money, i hate grocery shopping, i hate
not having any money, its sick. and i haven't gotten paid
for a month from this job because they accidentally (on
purpose) removed me from payroll and had to put me back on,
which somehow takes two weeks although there's only like ten
other people working during the summer and there should have
been no problem just sticking me back on. . . so i will have
no money now til next friday which blows because rent was
due today, the cable and electric bills were both due this
week too, it just wasn't my week for money i guess. and i
gave my dad 200 dollars that i owe him, and i am dealing
with a sad financial situation. i wonder if my boss would
notice if i snuck into the back and took a nap???