Desert Eagle
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2002-05-01 03:00:04 (UTC)

Hate the last generation....

It just drives me crazy...the way adults are. I got a hard
clue at the ground breaking ceremony for my school. It sux.
All they want is to look good for every one else.. Our
school to be the best. And in doing so i lost two of my
friends and my boy friend. But sigh...tis all crazyness.
I'm walking around in one of my favoret pairs of pants
and my mom chews me out because it shows my stomach. Then i
get in the car and both my mom and step dad tell me how
wrong it it to dress sexualy...I don't know sometimes i
just want to curl up in a corner wearing a button up
cardigen to make them happy or simply because i don't know
who to listen to. My travis told me to do what i want and
to be me. I love wearing my pants hanging off my hips. It's
so comfortable and i like having my stomach showwing. I
just hate how they can't even seee my point of view. It's
just them and there generation. I don't want them to know
about anything that i'm doing...just live my own life. But
no. Worrie Worrie Worrie. But what if their right...i don't
know. But the pan i feel when i'm not being myself. It
hurts. I can't imprission myself. The two prospects
sometimes trap and bind me in confusion and strife. I want
away.And my name it sux...maggie...what the heck...stupid
thats why i goe by razi.
I draw alot. And i mean alot...and i'm good.. but my
subject matter isn't aproved of. truth be it not too many
people understand it. Anthropomorphics...tis hard to
explain. But my mom chews me out about that too. And it
hurts. It hurts so bad. often times i'll hear my mom and
step dad scoffing me when i'm not around. I hate it. What
is do differnt ! i guess this generation and the last are
just miles apart. They can't see me nor understand me and
all i want is to go on with my life and show them. Show
them goooood.
I wonder. Often times i sit around with my friends and
we're all in agreement. We all don't want to be like our
parents. Did our parents do the same thing or where they
content and kept the traditions? Are we so different? Or
did they think that same way and were just submisified by
society. Are we bond to that fate? Not me...never.
I want to escape. They create the system we go to school
in...they build everything...they vote... they created
society. and i'm trapped. Will it all change when we grow
up? I suppose it might and i'll be ahead.....bye bye bye

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