mY dIaRy....
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2002-05-01 02:52:33 (UTC)

Long time no write!!!!!!!!!!!..

Long time no write!!!!!!!!!!! it's been ages! I'm so busy
though and I'm only 14 ..... n e ways I had my diary on
public for a while, it's now plublic too I kinda changed it
cuz man a messgae from some girl like rele scared me well
it didn't scare me but it was like private so I don't rele
understand why she would give so many ditails and ew...
juss forget it... n e ways life's okay not good cuz my cock
sucking dick headed friends are a bunch of sluts I hate
them... they get jelous for like n e thing I do..... it's
my life! aren't I right?!?!?!
n e ways things will prob get better...... hopefuly.... ne
ways I'll write some other time cuz my baby bro is like
sick and I'm reading books to him and I can't be doing 2
things @ same time...... I'll try my best to write
again..... ;0) AC.