Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2002-05-01 02:46:50 (UTC)

And the blackness consumes

damn....all sad and sappy and shit. Life sucks, theirs too
much pressure and right now i just cant handle the pressure
of living with my bf. I need to move out, and hey maybe my
mom's right, maybe Corinth will be good for me. Ill just
have her take me to school, and get a job out there, it
will get me more focused anyways cuz ill be so bored. And
I'm more likely to hit it out to MI living out there,
thinking about it. I can get my permit shortly and drive
out there, it'll be a pain, but there's no getting away
from it until im on my own, far far away from everyone.
Theres too much drama. Its killing me, all the problems,
its just too much, too soon. Well this will prolly be the
last entry I'm going to put in for awhile, i guess ill
prolly go to back to good ol pen and paper. OUt.

Song:Leann Womack-Stronger than I am

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