My diary
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2002-05-01 02:09:56 (UTC)

Party plans!

(just so as you know, I am writing a book, out of a bet,
maybe I can win $10!)

Welll anyway, this weekend was faburific (cross of terrific
and Fabulous) I went to see life of something like it. Good
movie, I swear! Even though I almost wet myself from
drinking too much Iced tea! LMAO! Oh, and I picked out two
new belly button rings.

Oh and then I had a good chat with Sara sunday about Amanda
and Kyle (kyle is a girl, and yes it is Kyle). I nearly wet
myself again! I would never trust my kids with these
people! At one point they were hauling the refirdgerator up
and down the stairs. And the people moving it? Two five
year olds!Then she babysat again later, and broke the
computer and a door and smashed a light bulb.

And now Kat is planning her party. Saturday night from 7-
11pm and all girls. (Well at least to start out with, we
might consider going and buying a male stripper or
something! LMAO!)

When yoda (my mom) got home today, I todl her I was going
to a party Saturday. Oh course, my little sister sticks her
nose in my buisness and asks me 50 zillion questions.
Wonderful. I think that yoda will be reconsidering now. i
will die, I swear if I can not go to this thing. I wonder
if Kat's dad will let us shoot the Evil Bunny with his

Oh and Mr. "I'm a big Whizzer" threw a fit today! (his name
is like Wisniewski or something, but he doesn't like any of
the girls in our class except me, and i hate him. I think
his moto should be "Brillo: A little dab'll do ya! Old
people thing. Turning into my dad...wrong! Wrong Wrong!)
What's wrong with a guy and a girl holding hands? I mean,
it's Tasha and "Everybody loves Raymond" that make out
behind the school. Not right.