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Emo Violence
2002-05-01 01:16:16 (UTC)

whats chillin.

feeling: sad. anxious. tired. positive. frustrated.

sad: friends and boy.
anxious: my shows this friday, and hopefully a hot after
tired: fun afternoon with bryse.
positive: chillin tomorrow with the kids.
frustrated: alyss, what else is new.

sam's zine is coming along nicely, if not for my emotional
angst it would be severly lacking.

a hot fight today in kennett, made my day.

"i've never seen more people fighting at one time" - morgan
(free for all)

"the sallies guy had a knife 10 inches long and terrell had
a crow bar"

"2 sallies boys agaisnt our entire basketball team: what do
you think"

what do you get when you take:
one loaded parking lot filled with hormone-crazed, end of
the school day, adult free, high school students, with a
basketball team that just won a state championship.

2 sallies boys ready to fight.

4 kennett cop cars.

walking home from school today with bryse was an adventure.
we may go to pizza with gabers tomorrow after school, which
will be fun. these shows on friday should be hot. hopefully
enough rival gangs will come to make it fun fun fun.

yawn. i feel tired. ready for the weekend and its barely
wednesday. my hair itches. we gotta meet crazy, arts
festival hyped, patronizig, adults tomorrow after
schiz-ool. which will suck but fuck it. if everyones not
there, i give up on kennett for sure.

so long.