a dusty book in a forgotten hole
2002-05-01 00:19:34 (UTC)

....a.. good little girl

me goes to therapy next week... i dont knwo how i am oggin
to pay for it yet but i will bring any moeny i hve wiht
me .. in case.. well yeah.. hmm .. have to wrok of art lab
fee.. .that will take me a bit o time.. yeah.. at elast 5
hours of work has to be done proably closer to 6 or 7.. hmm
oh what fun that will be .. i gues it does not amtter i
love art class so it is worth it.. i get my history teacher
mad at me bcuase i did not do my assignment last night
ebcuase i was contemplating cutting me self. so yeah.. i
did it tonight and i doubt he will excpet it but i dont
relaly care any longer..so its pointless.. i will do my
science becuase i feel like i owe something to taht
teacher.. more or less. .and i will go ot health calss
tomorrow.. i will be a good girl and participate in hostory
and will not fall asleep in english. .and i will give the
teachers the illision taht i give a damn ..adn i will try
and pass my latin test tomorrow that too... yeah

I'll be a good little girl, obey without a word
I'll be a good little girl, as quiet as a bird
I'll be a good little girl, for they told you i was cured
I'll be a good little girl, Yet still around me your unerved