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2002-05-01 00:17:00 (UTC)

The Letter I wrote to Elliot

here is the letter I wrote to Elliot

Dear Elliot,
Hi I don't know if you remember me but my name is Abby. I
was in your Hebrew class in the morning at Camp Yavneh. (If
you forget me or don't know who the hell I am this probably
seems even stranger) This probably seems weird, anyway that
I'm writing you an e-mail. I know. But I just had to tell
you that I have a crush on you, because if I didn't I felt
I would be let go of the something. There's something about
that I find really special, and I don't know what it is. It
could be your personality you seem really funny (I remember
that skit you did at the talent show). It could be that you
seem really sweet and unjudgemental and wouldn't just hate
to be mean to people because of their height or their
weight, or how they look. You also seem very charismatic,
and it seems like many people like you personality also.
When I look at you, I see someone very special and if
people look at you and see someone short, then they
themselves aren't even real people, to be a "real person"
you should be able to see beyond peoples looks, heights and
weights. Lastly, I know you probably could careless that I
like you, but I just wanted to tell that I do. Perhaps, my
letter will teach you something about life.

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