thOughtz of a lOnely heart
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2001-06-01 15:13:52 (UTC)

98 degrees - Always You And I..

98 degrees - Always You And I
It痴 so hard to say
How a love could end this way
The one that used to care for you
Just turns and walks away
And it痴 so hard to find
To leave the pain behind
When all the things you池e looking for
Your heart can稚 seem to find
I値l be the air that you breathe
I値l give the strength that you need
I値l be the light in your eyes
When hope becomes hard to see
I値l be your shining star
To guide you wherever you are
And I promise that I値l be by your side
Always you and I

-This song is dedicated to: Tek
-Reason: june 2nd, 2o01 ... sighzz

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