thOughtz of a lOnely heart
2001-06-01 14:34:55 (UTC)

blehzz. . . . . . . .

daamn i had to say a lot last night.. hehe took 3 entries..
g`damn.. but it's s'all true yaOo.. and i can't pretend i'm
okay... it is NOT as easy as it sounds.. =] yeaah like i'm
really smilingzz.. ughh.. pepowz tellin me to move on.. live
life to it's fullest.. but how can i do that when i'm alone on it..
God is beside me through this whole thing... BUT why am i still
feelin alone.. feeling pain and sorrow.. WHY AM I
SUFFERING?!?!?.. should i suffer for what i've done.. i
guess sooo.. i guess i have to face it... i did few people
wrong.. screw with their heads.. said some things here and
there.. did some fuhked up shiet.. . . .